The Counter Argument



The counter-argument states clearly what the opposition believes.
Some people believe that technology is the way of the future and that it is impossible to become overly dependent on its use.

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A strategy often used in the rebuttal is to agree where you can agree, and then state clearly your objection and the reason why your position is correct.
It is true that in modern society technology has infiltrated into almost every fiber of our lives, and that it has enabled people to reach beyond their limits.  However, to say that it is impossible to become overly dependent on its use, is to forget how vulnerable society can be.


After you have stated your position, give plausible reasons to support it.
If we allow ourselves to become carelessly dependent on technology, we are in danger of neglecting to develop the necessary skills to survive when technology is not available.  As a result, in an emergency society would not be prepared to survive.
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