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Planning for a Problem-Solution Essay

The first step in writing an effective essay is planning. Begin by developing a working thesis statement: a statement that describes the topic and the direction you will take. Later you can come back and revise your statement, but for now a working thesis statement will get you started. Example: “Eating high amounts of fat can lead to poor health, but eating a plant-based diet can lead to strong bodies.” Now, it is time to do some free writing.  Write for 10 minutes on the…

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Adverb Clauses

Adverb Clauses We use adverb clauses to show relationship between two ideas. For example, let's look at these two sentences. She enjoys going to restaurants. She doesn't like trying new foods. To show relationship, we can add the subordinator although to the first sentence and make it into a adverb clause and change the period to a comma to create a complex sentence. Although she enjoys going to restaurants, she doesn't like trying new foods. The subordinator although shows a contrast…

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Preparing Your Final Draft

Preparing Your Final Draft Make sure you turn in assignments on time in the manner your professor requested. If you are submitting your paper electronically, unless your professor has given other directions, it is a good idea to include your name and date in the file name. e.g. smith_john_3-02-23.pdf. Check Organization (Coherence) The first thing you want to do is look at the organization of your essay. Make sure your essay has a hook, background information, and a thesis statement (topic, controlling idea,…

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Simple Past vs. Present Perfect

Simple Past vs. Present Perfect When do we use the simple past, and when do we use the present perfect? Simple Past Photo by Leeloo Thefirst on We use the simple past to talk about things that happened in the past and were completed in a time period that is finished. In these Examples, yesterday, last week, last month, last year, and two days ago are all time periods that are completed. Janet played tennis yesterday. Jan wrote her essay last week. They passed the TOEFL test last month. I went to New York last year.…

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The Argumentative Essay

The Argumentative Essay The argumentative essay expresses an opinion for or against a controversial issue.  As the writer, you must establish your position and persuade your readers to agree with you by using strong persuasive language. Organization In your introduction, the first paragraph, the hook (or catch) introduces the issue.  Next, background information expands the issue and tells the reader why it is important.  Then your thesis statement clearly and forcefully states your position on the issue, and why your position is important. You may also include your points of development. An Argumentative Thesis…

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The Counter Argument

Example Counter-argument The counter-argument states clearly what the opposition believes.Some people believe that technology is the way of the future and that it is impossible to become overly dependent on its use. Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Rebuttal A strategy often used in the rebuttal is to agree where you can agree, and then state clearly your objection and the reason why your position is correct.It is true that in modern society technology has infiltrated into almost every fiber of…

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Transitions to Show Addition and, in addition, also, moreover, furthermore, as well, equally important, besides, again Transition to Show Time after, before, currently, during, earlier, immediately, later, following, at last, meanwhile, now, recently, subsequently, simultaneously, Transitions to Show Examples for example, for instance, specifically, to illustrate Transitions to Show Cause and Effect consequently, so, therefore, thus, due to, stems from, develops from, results from, because Transitions to Show Results so, as a result, therefore, thus, as a consequence, consequently Transitions to Show Conclusion…

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Finding Main Ideas

If you want to be a good reader, you must be able to identify main ideas and supporting details. What's the difference between the topic and the main idea? The topic is what a paragraph is about. The main idea is the point the writer is making about the topic. If we look at the topic sentence of a paragraph then, we should have a basic understanding of the main idea. For example: Cells phones today come equipped with HD cameras.…

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One-Paragraph Summary

The purpose for summarizing a passage is to condense information, either to provide an overview for others to read, or for your own research projects. Organization: In the first sentence include the author’s full name, the title of the article, and the author’s intent for writing the passage. Then organize the main ideas, no details, into a paragraph.  Make sure to use your own words. Usually a summary is about one-forth to one-third the length of the original work. NOTE: Summarizing is…

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The Problem-Solution Essay

Essay Overview A Problem-Solution Essay discusses a problem, and then provides a plan for its solution.  We often use this type of essay when we what to persuade others that we have a better idea, or a better plan. There are two ways to organize a problem-solution essay.  You can write about the problem, or problems, in the first body paragraph, and then address the solutions in the next two body paragraphs. This is the Block Method of organization.  Or, you can write about a…

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